High-quality Landscaping, Lawn Services, and Yard Services Offered in Bradley, Illinois

Bradley, Illinois, is a small village in Kankakee County that is north of Kankakee, and thirteen minutes south is Aroma Park. This village is a close-knit community that cares for one another, keeping residents in the loop with every project and event. This vintage village is 130 years old. When David Bradley opened the Plow Works factory, Bradley became a village, creating the proud blue-collar-driven community that’s alive today.

What Services Does Pristine Lawncare LLC Provide Bradley, Illinois?


Landscaping gives you the power to control your property and produce a beautiful garden. With the help of our team, the environment will grow stronger and healthier. The quality of your soil will improve and increase in fertility.

Each feature designed and installed by our hardworking team will provide you with the landscape of your dreams. Pristine Lawncare is a team of professionals that provides expert services for your convenience.


Features such as patios, walkways, and outdoor living spaces provide a unique space to enjoy your time. Installing these features is not an easy DIY project; it’s best to have the professionals create your outdoor spaces for you. However, our quality is unbeatable, and as soon as it’s done setting, you can go out and enjoy them.

Some hardscaping features are just too good to enjoy alone. The more space you have, the more people you can entertain for backyard get-togethers! Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to show off their beautiful landscape?

Lawn Services

Taking care of your lawn comes in multiple services. Mowing keeps grass growing green and strong to keep out pesky weeds. Blowing the trimmings off your hardscapes allows the nutrients to replenish in the soil and keeps your walkways free of slipping hazards.

Trimming bushes, shrubs, and trees keep pests and bugs out of the way, allowing them to grow even larger. In addition, trees are nature’s air filtration systems, so Pristine needs to keep them in great shape.

Yard Services

Keeping the yard picked up throughout the autumn and spring seasons allows your plant life to soak up as many nutrients as possible before the harsher seasons come. But unfortunately, leaves can cover your lawn, and when they begin to rot, they turn into beacons for various bugs. To keep your lawn safe from harmful pests, Pristine works with you.

The health of your lawn is essential because your plant life helps to boost environmental health. Teaming up with Pristine is smart because we have the knowledge and experience to keep your lawn strong.

Snow Removal

Removing snow is a job that is best left to the pros because of how easily your hardscapes can get damaged if not properly taken care of. Snow is a gorgeous backdrop to watch the snowflakes twinkle like diamonds, but the damage it leaves behind, on the other hand, is not a pretty sight.


Drains keep the functionality of your landscape in pristine shape. You won’t have to worry about flooding damaging your home or washing away the nutrients from your topsoil. Pristine Lawncare installs your landscape drainage system perfectly, so mistakes and injuries are avoidable.

With our knowledge of every drain system, we can perform drain maintenance and repair more quickly and efficiently. You are in trustworthy and capable hands when you team up with Pristine!

With our reliable, professional team, you will get the best customer service in town! Pristine Lawncare LLC provides high-quality landscaping, lawn and yard services, and hardscaping in Bradley, Illinois. We are a strong team that improves our reputation with each satisfied client. As a result, the quality of our services is the best in town! Pristine Lawncare LLC- Professional services for pristine results!

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