Pristine Lawncare offers hardscaping services in Kankakee, Illinois. Adding hardscapes to your landscape will enhance its appearance and feel. There are so many choices that could make your property feel more comfortable for you. Walkways Square backyard fire pit with surrounding comfortable seating area in Kankakee, IL Walkways provide a designated space for any foot traffic in your landscape. Hence, you won’t have to worry about trampled grass or flower beds. There are many kinds of walkways that you can have installed in your yard, which are continuous slabs of concrete that make a long area to walk on. Walkways enhance the functionality of your landscape and prevent erosion from harming the soil and the quality of your plant life. Pathways Pathways are simple brick or concrete stepping stones or a path that meanders around the landscape. These features are more recreational than they are functional. Pristine creates unique pathways for you to enjoy throughout your garden. We offer amazing pathways that can enhance the curb appeal of your landscape. Stepping stones are also considered pathways; they don’t have to be any specific shape; how would you design your pathways? Retaining Walls Retaining walls prevent erosion from taking place. You will be much more successful in planting flowers, ferns, shrubs, and more when you don’t have to worry about the soil blowing away. These walls also help boost the curb appeal of your garden because each one is customizable to look stylish, from the stone or brick material to the colors of each. Very intricate walls include stairs, designs within the wall, and more. There are also simplistic designs to choose from. What kind of wall works best for you? Fire Pits Fire pits boost your landscape’s functionality by motivating you to spend time in your landscape in the evening. Chilly days and nights are made more enjoyable around the fire with some friends or by yourself stargazing. Each fire is comfortable and is contained safely when Pristine is the team installing the fire pit. There are many fire pits to choose from and many different designs for each type. Therefore, you can rely on us for a fire pit that will suit your needs and requires a plethora of experience. Outdoor Living Space Outdoor living spaces are expansions of your home. For example, if you enjoy cooking, you can enjoy the party’s festivities while cooking in your outdoor kitchen. For book lovers, an outdoor living room or reading nook offers a perfect place to read while you listen to the birds sing and the trees blowing in the wind. There are small spaces that are intimate and perfect for you to enjoy some quiet time to decompress. Larger spaces are best when you have plenty of company, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough seats for everyone. Pergolas Pergolas are not great for shelter because the roof is open and is exposed to the weather. However, they make great areas for lovely seating and picturesque backdrops. They also allow climbing plants to wrap around in a controlled environment, and on dry days and clear nights, it makes for a great relaxing spot for you and your loved ones. They may be open-roofed structures, but they still provide some shade on a sunny day. When the wind blows, you get a semi-shady and breezy spot to spend a perfectly quiet afternoon. Paver Patios Bird’s eye view of round paver patio in Kankakee, IL Paver patios are unique spins on patios. These features resemble puzzle pieces placed in specific spots to create a shape or pattern. Each design is unique to each client, landscape, and the garden’s theme. Pristine Lawncare is a team of experts that allows your landscape to be an interesting piece of art that is unique to you. It’s interesting how each paver patio differs from the others. The process of these patios can be long and tedious, but our reliable team will execute the patio build of your dreams. 3D Designs 3D designs allow you to see each feature as you envision it in your landscape. When you team up with Pristine Lawncare, we provide you with amazing designs that are clear, and you can see the landscape or feature from any point of view you wish. In addition, we ensure that these designs enhance functionality and fix anything that proves difficult to add yourself. Designs are the first step to creating the landscape, including beautiful hardscaping. After that, you won’t have to worry about the functionality or theming being lost when Pristine is the team on your side!