High-Quality Lawn Services in Kankakee, Bradley & Momence, IL

What Does Pristine Include in Our Lawn Services?

Lawn Maintenance takes much more than lawn mowing. That’s why as a full-service lawn care company Pristine offers everything you need to keep your lawn healthy. Of course, mowing is an essential part of your lawn care, but we also edge, blow out the loose grass clippings and random leaves, weed it and aerate and overseed the soil to keep your grass looking thick and healthy.

We Care About Our Work and Our Customers

Pristine customers keep coming back, and there are good reasons!

  • Our knowledge and experience mean our work is always top-quality.
  • Our customers say that we do affordable work. We’re not cheap. We’re high value!
  • Dealing with Pristine means dealing with professionals. We’re on time, and we always do what we promise.
  • Working with Pristine is a pleasure, not a chore because we care about our customers and give them a good experience.
  • Thoroughness: When we’re done with the job, the job is done – no loose ends.

What Are Some of the Elements of Lawn Services

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is more than pushing or driving a mower. To mow a lawn correctly, you need to know the correct height and have the right equipment in working order. We know our craft and keep our equipment Pristine. We don’t just do a quick mow and leave. We also edge your lawn to ensure that your gardens’ and lawn’s borders don’t infringe on each other. Then we blow out the property, so you don’t have plant debris blocking your growth or making your yard unsightly.


Weeds are a fact of life. But, unfortunately, they seem to want to go everywhere you don’t want them. Some describe a weed as a plant growing in the wrong place, which is the best definition we’ve heard. Keeping your lawn healthy does a lot to keep weeds at bay. But when the few outliers rear their ugly heads, Pristine is ready to remove those weeds to make your lawn beautiful again. Whereas some landscaping companies use harsh chemicals, we do all our weeding by hand.

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding take your lawn to the next level. Over time your soil can get hard and compacted, which is not conducive to plant growth. Aeration and overseeding correct this. Aerating your lawn is the practice of loosening the soil. Using an aerator, we poke holes in the ground and pull up cores of the earth to create more space. Then we reseed the lawn in the newly roomy soil so that new grass can grow!

What Else Can Pristine Do For Your Yard?

Drainage and Hardscaping Increase the Functionality and Longevity of the Landscape

Landscaping & Hardscaping

It pays to have a full-service professional landscaping company taking care of your whole yard so that you get a cohesive whole. So what else can we do to make your yard Pristine


  • Design – We don’t just do the work. We can create the design for your perfect landscape based on your ideas and the lay of your land.
  • Plant Installation – Once we have designed your ideal landscape, we can make it a reality, installing trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds that make your landscape stunning.
  • Hardscaping – Pristine doesn’t just deal with the living elements of your landscape. We also design and install custom hardscaping, including patios, walkways, and retaining walls.
If you want the best landscape you can imagine, from a professional team with excellent customer service, Pristine Lawncare LLC provides High-Quality Lawn Services in Kankakee, Bradley & Momence, IL. Professional services for pristine results!

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