High-Quality Landscaping, Lawn Services, and Yard Clean-ups Offered in Limestone, Illinois

Kankakee County is a massive Illinois county where you can find places like Limestone and Aroma Park. Limestone is such a small community it is considered a town instead of a city. When you visit or live in Limestone, you will feel the sense of pride this community has.

Sediment is abundant in Limestone, which gave the town its name. It’s a fairly new town, and was incorporated in 2006 with only a population of just over 1,500 residents.

What Services Does Pristine Lawncare Services Offer in Limestone, Illinois?


Landscaping completely transforms your property into a functional and beautiful piece of land. The environment is delicate; improving the quality requires planting new plants to produce clean air, sturdy soil, and better water productivity. Team up with Pristine Lawncare to design your new and improved landscape.

Theming keeps your landscape easy to explore and boosts curb appeal. The aesthetics of your property is everything, especially when you have loved ones visiting.


Hardscapes in your landscape enhance your experience every time you step outside. Team up with the pros to ensure your outdoor living spaces get built and installed correctly to boost their longevity. Pristine is a trustworthy team that creates the spaces best for you.

Walkways provide a designated space for foot traffic to prevent your lawn from getting trampled. After that, it is just a matter of letting us know what features, designs, and styles you are interested in, and we will take care of everything else.

Lawn Services

Keeping your lawn serviced and maintained keeps your garden in great and healthy condition. The plants will tell you if they are thriving, so you won’t have to worry. Pristine is here to teach you what your plants are telling you.

Through productive fertilization, weed control, and protection, your landscape will be strong and stay in the best health. Our team is here for you every step of the way.

Snow Removal

Snow can be pretty to look at and fun to build snowmen in. However, driving in it can be dangerous, and so can coming home when it’s snowing. Pristine removes the snow from your driveway and other hardscapes, making your property safe even in the winter.

If you’re not careful, snow that freezes and thaws multiple times turns black ice. We caution you to be as safe as possible so we can remove it before an accident happens.

Yard Clean-ups

Removing leaves protects your from rot and pests attracted to decay. Pristine is a great team that keeps your lawn clean and clear of all clutter. Additionally, we’ll take care of your lawn while you’re too busy to get outside and take care of it yourself.


Rain brings plenty of water to your landscape and all your plants. It becomes an issue when your lawn needs more functionality to store or use all the water it is given. Drain systems are a fantastic alternative to adding more plants.

Pristine installs the best drainage system for your property to last for seasons. Then, when it’s time for repairs and maintenance, we also handle them so you don’t make a drastic mistake.

Our team’s mission is to provide the best landscapes to our clients to improve their lives and the health of our community. Pristine Lawncare Services offer high-quality landscaping, lawn services, yard clean-ups, and more to Aroma Park, Limestone, Illinois, and surrounding areas.

Your landscape will improve with the full services we provide. Our team of experts transforms your home into an amazing oasis that you will be proud to come home to.

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