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Manteno is a lovely spot to live near Aroma park, where the local government and citizens work together to care for one another. Pristine wants to do our part by doing the same for your property. Manteno was named after the daughter of Francois Bourbonnais, Jr, for whom another local village is named. It is perhaps the anglicized version of the Potawatomi word Manitou which means spirit, as her mother was Potawatomi. As part of Kankakee County, the area was part of a fur trapping and trading community in the 1800s. Most settlers in the area were of French Canadian descent.

What Landscaping Services Does Pristine Offer Manteno?

Landscape Design

More than a property maintenance company, Pristine is your one-stop shop for everything your property needs. We start with landscape design. If you have an idea for your yard, we want to help you realize it.

Using 3D renderings from our landscape design program, we can show you exactly what your yard will look like with the proposed design before we lay shovel to dirt. Then you can see what will be installed and where before we get started.


Hardscapes are features in your landscape that are not living but allow you to enjoy your time in your garden. From outdoor living spaces to decks and patios, create a space where you will enjoy spending time. More places to sit and relax will give you more room to entertain friends and family in your Manteno home.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is more than lawn mowing. That’s not to say we don’t mow lawns because we sure do. But we also do a lot more.

Lawn care involves mowing, edging, trimming, and blowing. We blow the loose grass bits and other small debris off the lawn when we’re done mowing it. We pay attention to detail.

We also ensure your property is healthy with year-round maintenance services, including aeration and overseeding.

Landscape Installation

We’re also not afraid to get in the dirt. Pristine is all about creating something from nothing. So once we’ve talked with you about what you want, we also want to be the ones to install it.

We’re happy to create brand new flower beds, install trees and shrubs, and create custom hardscapes that transform your yard into the place you always wanted. Do you have a landscaping dream we can help you meet?

Snow Removal

Every winter, we get snow. It’s predictable. Yet every winter, we get stuck at home or can’t get into our businesses because we didn’t plan for it!

Pristine offers various snow and ice removal services, from removal to deicing and salting. Schedule ahead, and your business will be one of the first to open, and your home will be easy to exit in the morning. Don’t wait until the alarm goes off on a snowy day and you realize you can’t leave the house!


You can have all the property in the world, but what is the point if it’s not useable? Poor grading is one of the main reasons that land is underutilized. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Pristine grades land property so drainage isn’t detrimental to your land and structures. As a result, you can use your property safely and increase the amount of land to do what you want.

Pristine offers high-quality services with excellent customized customer service in Manteno, Illinois. We take time to get to know our client’s needs, then design a plan to meet them and implement them. Our landscaping experience and attention to detail ensure customer satisfaction. Pristine Lawncare LLC- Professional services for pristine results!

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