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Momence is in Kankakee County, Illinois, where this city has so many exciting adventures! It’s less than twenty minutes from Aroma Park, making it even more wonderful. The beautiful city has amazing opportunities around every corner. Momence was established in 1834, and you can still experience the glorious victorian era homes and gardens that are protected by the Historical Society. The city was originally known as Little Crossing before being plotted by Dr. Hiram Todd in 1843.

What Services Does Pristine Lawncare Offer in Momence, Illinois?


When you look outside and think of ways to improve your yard, you know it’s time to call in the professionals. Lucky for you, Pristine Lawncare is chockful of professionals that do outstanding landscape work. As a result, the lawn you once knew can be transformed into a gorgeous garden filled to the brim of flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and squirrels.

You sure won’t have a boring yard by the time we’re done. Instead, you’ll have the best lawn on the block!


Hardscaping gives your landscape a unique and interesting design. Installing hardscape features is a job that Pristine is more than capable of handling with the utmost quality and precision. You will be more motivated to spend more time in your beautiful garden when you have a comfy outdoor living space to relax in.

Many different kinds of materials can be used to give your landscape interesting dimensions and colors in each area. Color variety breaks up the monotony of green with browns, greys, blacks, and more to boost your curb appeal.

Lawn Services

Keeping your lawn trimmed, mowed, and cared for ensures it stays around for a long while. Your garden is a living element that improves the health and functionality of the environment we all share. You won’t have to keep up with the demands of your property on your own.

Your home will increase value and curb appeal by teaming up with Pristine. Our services will speak for themselves when nature starts to take care of your lawn, making it self-sufficient.

Yard Services

Seasons make their presence known through whatever is covering your lawn: snow, leaves, flowers, and yellow spots. None of these are permanent as long as you tend to them promptly. Pristine has the experience to help your lawn recover after each season has done its damage.

Cleaning your yard may seem strange, but our team knows just how essential it is. Your yard will be back to its glorious self in no time with our helping hand.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is essential for your protection when leaving and arriving at your property. When it freezes, snow and ice can cause damage to your driveway, patios, and other hardscape areas. Pristine remove snow with expert care, protecting your property from damage and slipping and falling.


Installing drainage in your lawn and landscape improves the functionality of your landscape. The water will be moved to the most needed areas or drained away, reducing the chances of flooding in your home or property. With the help of Pristine, your landscape will be more functional and flourish like never before.

Pristine Lawncare LLC provides exceptional results with our high-quality landscaping, lawn services, yard services, and more to Kankakee, Illinois. Our team prides itself on our top-notch customer service and communication that will blow you away! The quality of our services is unbeatable.

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