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St. Anne is located just miles from Aroma Park and is part of Kankakee County in Illinois. This small village has an amazing school system. Staying in close contact builds a strong, trustworthy community that is a great place to raise a family. St. Anne was founded by a close friend of Abraham Lincoln, a French-Canadian Roman Catholic Priest by the name of Charles Chiniquy, in 1856. The village has managed to maintain its small-town status for all this time and is still a pleasant place to explore and discover all it has to offer. With a rich history, St. Anne’s story will shock and amaze you.

What Services Does Pristine Lawncare Services Provide in St. Anne, Illinois?


Landscaping is a great service that keeps each aspect of your property in a functional and healthy state. From planting flowers, shrubs, trees, and other plant life to installing specific architects, we work with you to create the landscape you’ve always wanted. As a result, pristine provides the best landscapes St. Anne, Aroma Park, and Kankakee County has ever seen.

There is a strong sense of teamwork that we apply to every client and every project.


Hardscapes in the landscape will improve the functionality of your landscape. Patios, fire pits, outdoor living rooms, and more will make it attractive for you, your family, and your guests to spend time in your landscape and are comfortable. Pristine only installs the best quality features for you to enjoy for years to come.

There are hardscape features that are important to your landscape as well. For example, walkways, driveways, and more promote new growth by providing specific spaces for foot traffic.

Lawn Services

You can use your lawn anytime and have time out of the house. It is strong, functional, and a great place to enjoy the outdoors. It’s up to us to ensure weeds don’t destroy your garden. When you don’t have weeds, flowers grow higher toward the sun, and you can spot butterflies fluttering in your garden.

Boosting the fertility in your property keeps your landscape in the best shape. Pristine has the experience required to keep the fertility of your lawn in check and help where it needs it.

Yard Clean-ups

Cleaning out clutter from plant debris gives your lawn the defense it needs to prevent weeds and pests from taking over the garden you’ve been so dedicated to. It’s important to declutter your garden before each season so the plants can get as many nutrients as possible. Plant debris covers the ground, blocking the sun and any rainwater that falls.

Team up with Pristine to clean up the garden to keep the nutrient count high in preparation for the next season.

Snow Removal

Removing snow from your driveway helps to keeps your vehicle free and at the ready. In addition, Pristine protects your property from damage caused by snow and ice that hasn’t been removed properly. Finally, many hardscapes are affected by snow coverage.

When we remove the snow repeatedly, the damage is significantly reduced when spring comes. Our team is here for you and will help to keep your landscape in strong, functional shape.


Draining the lawn from standing water is important for keeping the lawn healthy. In addition, removing the risk of flooding is important for the longevity of your plants. Too much water and the root systems drown, and all nutrients disappear.

Pristine Lawncare installs the proper drain system, allowing plants to use the water effectively while moving any excess water. Never attempt to install or repair your drains on your own. Our experts have the skills necessary to get the job done accurately and safely.

We strive to provide the community with the best professional team to handle your landscaping needs. Pristine Lawncare Services provides high-quality landscaping, lawn services, and yard clean-ups in St. Anne, Aroma Park, and surrounding communities. We create strong bonds with each client. Our reputation speaks to our team, and our work speaks to our quality and dedication.

Pristine Lawncare Services- Professional services for pristine results!

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