During reruns of our favorite home renovation shows, our minds light up with inspiration, wondering how we, too, can have design elements in parts of our homes. Then reality kicks in. We all have different-sized homes and outdoor living spaces that don’t always align with the projects we have in mind. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice beautiful, eye-catching designs and additions to move your home into its own category.  From professional lawn care to drainage for your lawn, Pristine Lawn Care works to bring the highest-quality landscaping services near you. This guide will take you through the many projects that can be done to your front yard, backyard, or even side/walkway areas. How to Maximize a Small Landscape Need premium lawn and landscape maintenance for your Kankakee or Momence, IL home? Call the experts at Pristine Lawn Care today! No matter the size of your landscape, the smallest details bring personality to your yard. Most importantly, the appearance of your lawn will heavily rely on its health—dead, discolored grass, no matter how huge the plot of land, is hard to look at. With a small space, think of the area as bringing attention to a focal point; lawn maintenance and routine care will work to bring out any reading nook, garden, or seating area. Focus on a Theme Next, try to think of the configuration of your home. Utilize corners and open areas to add extra features and changes in textures. You can always go for a xeriscape style or private patio that continues throughout your backyard. Try to be consistent with the look or style you’re going for to ensure an uncomplicated and overcrowded landscape. If you want to add more design after the fact, go for pops of color with plants or furniture. Designing Your Landscape For a smaller landscape to excel, dimension is the key to success. If you have a flat front yard, small shrubs for flower beds will add shape, giving an illusion that it's more curved. Once you’ve figured out the design of your landscape, other elements, such as hardscapes and functionality, will be the final steps to achieving a beautiful space. That's' why Pristine Lawn Care originally tailors every project to the client we are working with. Our custom design process captures your ideas into reality. Landscaping Goals But in between seasons, cleanup is even more vital. Winter tends to create some extra mess. It knocks debris off the trees and other plants onto the ground. It also kills plants. Before we can start mowing and giving your lawn other regular care, we must clear the way. The most stunning landscape on the block does not need to be the largest—you can always make a statement by emphasizing the design of your home. Here are a few more ideas to diversify your outdoor space from Italian to Tuscan.

  • Rustic designs that include concrete patio work, stone pavers, or masonry 
  • Outdoor “living room” or intimate seating space, a partial enclosure, and cozy materials
  • Side patio 
  • Planters varying in plants, herbs, or vegetables
  • Mini backyard oasis that stuns with a water feature
Save Space and Money Looking to upgrade your Kankakee or Momence, IL home? The Pristine Lawn Care team offers premium lawn and landscape maintenance! Call us today! More square footage equals more money spent. Capitalize on the size of your smaller landscape by crafting a space that speaks to you. Enjoy nights out with friends and family when you install a fire pit at the center of your backyard. This investment not only looks amazing in a limited space but adds additional style and increases the value of your home. Another great project could introduce a mini garden of potted plants or a flower bed on top of stunning pavers. Either way, thinking and planning small has its benefits! Less is More When you have a smaller space, it's best to let the details speak for themselves. The styles are endless; once they are crafted properly, you won’t have to worry about having a condensed space. Research and discuss possible projects for your space with a professional contractor. Keep in mind that a clean, manicured and decluttered lawn and outdoor space will boost your curb appeal. Hardscaping Projects Try to limit hardscaping projects to a minimum. One or two should be just enough to highlight a specific part of your landscape. Choose the elements that will bring out the most in your space.
  • Walking path to the entrance of the home or to the backyard
  • Patios
  • Fire pits
  • Retaining walls
Be One With Nature Go all the way with your backyard landscaping by adding a spontaneous amount of plants or flowers. Sometimes, a purposeful clutter can look, well, perfectly cluttered. Not only do extra plants add visual appeal to your property, but also improve your quality of life. Gardening and tending to plants can promote better mental health, reducing anxiety and improving overall mood. Create the Landscape of Your Dreams with Pristine Lawn Care To get the most out of your landscape, Pristine Lawn Care is here to design, install and maintain your space with our professional team. From high-quality backyards, to boosting the appeal on your front lawn, we are proud to do it all. Call today to schedule a consultation: (815) 435-0753.