High-Quality Yard Cleanups in Kankakee, Bradley, Momence, IL!

What is included in our yard cleanup services?

Your lawn is your safe space, and most safe spaces need to be clean and clear of waste items that can take away from that secure, calm feeling. Unfortunately, often throughout the year, your lawn will gather debris that will eventually need removal. Our yard cleanups will make it easier to fully enjoy your space without worrying about anything getting in your way! We clean off the grass from fallen leaves, sticks, and other lawn debris and keep your flower beds cleared and pruned to ensure the longevity of the plants and flowers. It may not seem to make a big difference, but these cleanups can make or break your landscape!

What makes Pristine Lawn Care reliable?

We offer our valued customers professional services that help us stand out:

  • Your landscape dreams are just as important to us as they are to you.
  • We understand that the smallest details of any job are often the most important, and we give them all our equal attention.
  • Every person you deal with is held to the highest standard of customer service.
  • We work extra hard to ensure your landscape is our top priority, no matter what needs to be done.
  • You can rest assured our staff is very knowledgeable in the services we offer, so they’ll be done correctly.

What are some key benefits of this landscape service?

Lowered chance of grass damage

Your grass is comparable to the foundation of your landscape – everything else can look beautiful, but if your grass doesn’t, it can ruin the entire look. The number one way to ruin the look of your grass is damage and disease. Your lawn is less likely to experience this issue if you take the time to clean your landscape, especially the grass, and keep it clear of debris. Letting that debris sit too long will only spread disease and kill your grass!

Increased curb appeal

Luckily, there are creative ways to upgrade your home’s curb appeal. In addition, your landscape is a host of opportunities to make your property much more attractive. Unfortunately, however, if you have clutter in your landscape, it isn’t going to look attractive. On the other hand, proper yard cleanups can help keep your lawn aesthetically pleasing and beautiful!

What are some important things to remember?

Drainage and Hardscaping Increase the Functionality and Longevity of the Landscape

Cleanups will increase depending on time of year

As we said, cleaning up your lawn isn’t a one-and-done job that can be done whenever; this process must be repeated throughout the year if you want to reap its benefits. However, during certain times of the year, you’ll find these yard cleanups need to happen more frequently. Interestingly, Fall and Spring are the most common times when cleanups happen because that’s when lawn debris is at its worst!

Your safety is part of the reason for the service

Your safety will always be number one on your priority list, and rightfully so. If you or your guests aren’t safe walking around your home, there’s a major problem. It may seem like a stretch, but these yard cleanups directly contribute to your safety! If your lawn is clear, you and others are less likely to trip or hurt yourself, and you’ll feel better outdoors! So let’s take a moment and remember the positive effects on our environment, too!
The team at Pristine Lawn Care offers superb yard cleanups in Kankakee, Bradley, Momence, IL! Everyone on the Pristine team does their best to ensure your landscape has everything it needs to be set up for success! Professional services for pristine results!

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