Feel free to call us heat misers, but enough snow. Sure it’s pretty, but snow and ice cause lots of problems! Even if you looked past that while you dreamt of a white Christmas, December is over and the next holiday we’re looking forward to is February 2, when we hope the groundhog gives us a break!

Sadly, the one thing we know about the weather is complaining doesn’t change it. Snow and ice removal is your next best option. And while you can do it yourself or pay the kids in your Kankakee neighborhood to handle it, for the many reasons we detail below, we believe that professional snow and ice management is the best option for the landscape of your business or home.

Snow and Ice Dangerssnow removal in Kankakee, IL.

You have three options when it comes to snow and ice. You can risk doing nothing, remove it yourself or hire someone. Unfortunately, there are problems with both of the first two.

We’ll focus on the dangers of leaving it where it is first.


By far, the most significant danger that snow and ice bring to you is the risk of injury. In the United States, over one million slip and fall injuries annually occur due to winter weather. That does not count any that are related to traffic!

Typical injuries include broken bones, strains, sprains, concussions, and cuts. Of course, some are worse than others, but none are fun to experience. But even if you’re a pretty hardy type yourself with a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to your health, you also risk harming others.


Within the risk of injuries to your family, friends, and neighbors is the risk of liability. Your kids probably won’t sue you for an ice injury, but visitors may. Google ice injuries, and you’ll find dozens of lawyers looking for clients.

You’re less likely to get sued at a home property than in a business, but it’s not unheard of. Either way, proper snow and ice removal shows you did your due diligence and makes a lawsuit less likely.

Property Damage

Snow and ice are also dangerous to your property! Hopefully, you’ve ensured no trees risk falling on your home due to a storm, but what about your driveway? Allowing snow and ice to melt and repeatedly refreeze will create and widen a crack in your driveways, lots, and walkways.

Timely snow and ice removal can greatly extend the life of all your outdoor hard surfaces.

Loss of Revenuesnow removal in Kankakee, IL.

And finally, there’s money. While snow days were a blast in childhood, as adults, it usually means we’re not getting paid! If you own your business, the effect on your bottom dollar can be even more severe.

If your lot is full of snow, it’s not full of cars! And for every hour your lot has snow in it, that’s time you’re not making money. So fast snow and ice removal are crucial for safely getting your business up and running!

But Why Hire Pros for Snow & Ice Removal?

You may say, sure, I need to remove my snow and ice, but I can do that myself or have the kids do it. While that may technically be true, the reasons for having pros handle your snow and ice removal echo the grounds for removal in general – health and money.


The health of your employees and family matters to you. And no one is used to shoveling snow because even if you’re in shape, you don’t do it all year.

The risk of slips and falls is ever present, but shoveling adds the risk of additional strains and heart trouble. In addition, the cold constricts blood vessels, heightening the risk of cardiovascular issues.


While you may think you can save a few bucks doing it on your own or having the neighbor kids do it, you can lose out. At your home or business, you still carry the liability if you do a poor job. However, with Pros like Pristine Lawn Care, we have liability insurance.

And specifically, when dealing with a business, any time you and your employees spend shoveling or removing snow is time they are not doing their jobs and bringing in profits. Further, any delays in opening a storefront are a loss of business.

Professional Snow and Ice Management

For all the above and more, professional snow and ice management is the best choice for your home and business. So call now, and you’ll be on the schedule when snow next arrives. Pristine LC will offer your quick and professional services with pristine results.